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TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic X Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat

TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic X Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat


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According to the latest information from the International Meteorological Bureau, it is expected that after October 7, 2023, we will experience the coldest extreme weather in nearly 30 years, lasting for more than 3 months. Winter ice and snow disasters will become a global focal point of concern.

Let's take a look at the significant changes in our pilot community's houses first.

Climate issues are becoming increasingly serious, so it's important to take preventative measures in advance - the latest solutions for 2023.

Severe cold and blizzard conditions make seeking shelter difficult. Here are the issues houses face under extreme weather conditions: excessive snow accumulation on roofs leading to collapse, frozen pipes causing indoor leaks, damaged power lines resulting in power outages, heating failures causing a drastic drop in indoor temperature, and even snow and ice sliding off damaging surrounding facilities and vehicles, with vehicles buried under 1.3 meters of snow.

In any situation, the damage to houses underscores the importance of prevention. Now, there's a great solution - the TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat. It can prevent your home from being snow-covered during heavy snowfall, eliminating the worry of being trapped by ice and snow.

The secret to keeping your car from getting trapped in ice and snow - NASA’s latest research results

The temperature on the surface of Mars ranges from -20°C to -80°C. In this harsh environment, the Mars exploration rover Perseverance may be frozen at any time. But actually, it still works!

That's because of the machine NASA uses for space missions - the Oveallgo™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat. It ensures that the Mars exploration rover Perseverance will be free from ice and snow in this extreme environment and will not be frozen.

Now, the aerospace technology used in the U.S. Mars exploration rover "Perseverance" has overcome mass production problems and entered the civilian market.

Key Technology of TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat

 The electromagnetic energy in the composite frequency range can effectively act on the ice and snow in contact with the building, making their molecular motion more active, thus rapidly melting the ice and snow on the house's surface. Furthermore, this unique composite frequency range has only subtle effects on the movement of water molecules, ensuring it is radiation-free and has no adverse effects on building materials or human health.
In addition, an "Active Electron" was accidentally discovered in the laboratory. It can make the structure of water molecules less compact so that water will not solidify easily at low temperatures and maintain the active movement of water molecules. This ensures that the house will not freeze in low-temperature environments for a long time.

New Type of Electromagnetic Wave Pest Repeller

The TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat emits electromagnetic waves during operation to interfere with rodents, cockroaches, ants, and other rodents and pests, effectively driving them away.

Electromagnetics in action sends electromagnetic pulses through the electrical wiring within your home's walls, creating a hostile environment that forces pests to gather and leave. Intermittent emission of ultrasonic waves makes pests uncomfortable, prompting them to flee from the area affected by the ultrasonic waves.

The advantage of this device is that it is safe and harmless, causing no harm. In comparison to traditional chemical pest control methods, it doesn't contain dangerous chemicals that are toxic or emit unpleasant odors. Therefore, it doesn't pose any harm to target animals or human health, and it doesn't lead to chemical residues or pollution.

Customers' residences undergo significant improvements after using the Oveallgo™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat.

I purchased this product just in time for the first (and many!) snowfall in Erie, Pennsylvania. In the days leading up to it, our house was already covered in a thick layer of ice, and the windows were frozen shut. By the end of the day, we had accumulated three feet or more of snow, rendering our skylights and rooftop terrace unusable. We were even concerned about the roof possibly collapsing, given a past unfortunate incident involving a slip and a broken bone, which heightened our anxiety. Clearing the snowy landscape was an exhausting task, taking several hours each time. This thermostat practically melts any ice blocks effortlessly, covering every inch of our house without leaving any annoying ice patches. Highly recommended! (As a family that moved from Florida to the North, this has definitely been one of our wisest investments.)

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Jordan Jones

I'm delighted to have this product. It came just in time for me to use during a month-long ice storm. I'm a 74-year-old woman living alone, and I don't have the energy or time to clear my house every morning. The thick snow makes my house look buried, and even a simple trip to the grocery store becomes a big hassle. To make matters worse, it blocks my home's drainage system, leading to leaks and a damp interior, which I've had enough of. I already suffer from severe lower back issues and can't shovel snow, even requiring professional snow removal services, which isn't a sustainable solution. Now, I simply turn on this anti-freeze thermostat at night, and every morning, it's as if winter never arrived. My neighbors are still shoveling snow, and I feel great about sharing the purchase link with them.

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London, Caleb Austin

What makes the TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference

Antifreeze Thermostat the top choice?

  • NASA-approved aerospace technology
  • No interference or impact on indoor electronic devices and human brains
  • 360° all-around de-icing
  • Advanced energy source with automatic temperature detection
  • Non-toxic and radiation-free
  • No side effects on humans and pets
  • Effectively repels various pests within 3 minutes
  • Provides gentle nighttime illumination, ensuring a healthy indoor environment


  • TIMNAMY™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Thermostat
  • Suitable for all room types
  • Usage duration: 3 years
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